Enabling the Smart Trailer Revolution

A Neutrailer Smart Trailer pulls it’s own weight

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Small and Simple

It is roughly the same size as a current surge brake actuator.

Totally Self Contained

A smart trailer with Neutrailer can be towed and controlled by any properly equipped vehicle.

Neutrailer Controls

Power application to the trailer and wheels, sway stabilization assistance, tight maneuvering assistance and more!

What is a Smart Trailer?

• A Smart trailer is generally defined as a trailer that provides motive (electric) power to assist the tow vehicle while driving.  It also is able to help with braking via regenerative braking.

• Typically, trailers are towed occasionally.  Most trailers are attached to a tow vehicle less than 10% of the time.  Trailer owners must size their tow vehicle to accommodate the weight of the trailer fully loaded.  This forces trailer owners to purchase a heavier and more expensive tow vehicle that has a more powerful engine and costs much more to drive even when not towing.

• Trailers cause a tremendous amount of wear on the drivetrains and suspensions of tow vehicles, especially when pulled regularly.  This shortens the life of the tow vehicle and increases maintenance costs. Towing trailers also significantly degrades the performance and fuel economy of the tow vehicle.

• The general issue with a Smart Trailer is controlling the power/braking applied to the trailer wheels. Neutrailer provides control of both motive and braking power in a smart trailer regardless of what tow vehicle is attached.

• Neutrailer effectively makes it feel like the trailer is not there…or Neutral…whether the trailer is fully loaded or empty.  It adjusts instantly to the load with no driver or tow vehicle changes.

Why a Smart Trailer?

• Save money by not having to purchase an oversized truck to pull an occasional load

• Save wear and tear on your vehicle when pulling a heavy trailer daily

• Self powered trailers make hauling loads to remote job sites easier and requires less pulling power in unsure/uneven/compromised off road towing destinations.

• Self powered construction trailers can supply electrical power to remote jobsites

• Self powered landscaping trailers can recharge battery powered lawn equipment and will require less expensive tow vehicles.

• With Neutrailer, any smart trailer can connect to any tow vehicle with no special equipment

A Neutrailer Smart trailer pulls it’s own weight!


Neutrailer senses when vehicle is accelerating or decelerating and applies power or braking to the trailer wheels to make performance like having no trailer at all.

Added Safety

When the trailer sways at driving speeds, Neutrailer senses it and helps correct swaying by applying power and/or brake to one/both trailer wheels in microseconds.

Park your tailer

With Neutrailer, disconnect from the tow vehicle and walk your smart trailer into place in seconds with your handheld device.

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